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Write daily stories in the language you are learning and get help from your native-speaking language friends.

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Heinrich Schliemann portrait

Necessity taught me a method which greatly facilitates the study of a language. This method consists in reading a great deal aloud, without making a translation, taking a lesson every day, constantly writing essays upon subjects of interest, correcting these under the supervision of a teacher, learning them by heart, and repeating in the next lesson what was corrected on the previous day.

Heinrich Schliemann (self-taught polyglot) in 1881 in Ilios: The City and Country of the Trojans


Daily stories. Keep practicing your languages and learn from your mistakes.
Private notebook. Your stories are personal, they will be available just to the person you select to correct it and for yourself, nobody else.
One story, one correction. Share each story to just one native speaker friend who you trust in the target language.
New words displayed in each correction with its definition and etymology.

How does it work?

Write a post
Share the link with a friend native in your target language so it can correct your text
Review the corrected text and learn from your errors